Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions and Our Policies

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As a consortium member of the Road Transport Industry Training Board (R.T.I.T.B.) the following policies have been vetted and approved by R.T.I.T.B. This was done in May 2013 on being allowed to join the consortium initially. The consortium itself is approved by JAUPT (Joint Approvals Unit for Periodic Training) Approved Consortium AC00223. Our R.T.I.T.B. Membership Number is: 24661 and our Training Centre Number is: 3701

North East Driver CPC Training is a trading name of UK DRIVER CPC NETWORK LTD. Our consortium name is UK DRIVER CPC NETWORK LTD, however we have permission from R.T.I.T.B. to use the North East Driver CPC Training name and website URL on the understanding the UK DRIVER CPC NETWORK LTD logo is displayed prominently.

Delivery Policy

To successfully attend one of our courses you must have completed our simple 3 Step process as described on this website.

1. Fill in the initial enquiry form online (Step 1)  (or give us your details over the phone) this way we can gather your contact details.

2. Fill in the registration form online (Step 2) (or again give us your details over the phone) this enables us to establish as to whether your (or your driver) has the correct entitlement to come on one of our courses. For example drivers with "acquired rights" must have gained their category C1 before September 9th 2009. Drivers who gained their C1 category after this are classed as new drivers and must complete their training as part of their Initial Driver CPC. New drivers who have gained their D.Q.C. can however attend our course if it is their 2nd cycle of CPC. Also by gathering the details from each drivers license it enables us to gather the correct address to send the "joining instructions" letter out to each driver attending the courses home address (in advance of them attending).

3. Pay for your course (Step 3). This applies to all drivers whether company or individuals. Each course is ran on a strict "first come - first served" basis and it is not practical for us to have more than the maximum allowed total of 20 drivers turning up on the first day of the course. Nor is this discriminating in any way against any company or individual on a credit checking basis. We simply need to know in advance who is booked on to each course.

By following the simple steps above you can rest assured you will be given a flow of information that will make your Driver CPC experience as hassle free as possible. You can count on the following:-

* A brief 10 minute chat if you have spoke to us over the phone giving you all the information you need to know about your course.

* A confirmation email giving full details once you have completed the 3 Steps

* A joining instructions letter sent to the address on the license of the driver again giving full details of the course.

Once you have completed 35 hours on our courses you will then receive your Driver Qualification Card direct from the D.V.S.A. (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency) to the address your Drivers License is registered to. You will receive this between 5-10 working days after your final day. Once you receive this you are then fully legal to drive for hire or reward any vehicle you hold a category of entitlement to on your drivers license.

You will also receive an electronic certificate (PDF) for each day you attend this will be emailed to the address you enter on your Step 1 enquiry form.

Please see the updated terms and conditions relating to new drivers on our sister website www.ukdrivercpcnetwork.co.uk

Pricing  Policy

Our price is a standard £60.00 per day which is 7 hours of training. You need 35 hours in total therefore full course of 5 days is £300.00. For more details on our prices click here. All course fees must be paid in advance.

Quality Assurance Policy

UK Driver CPC Network Limited and our entire staff shall always endeavour to:
Develop a full understanding of the needs of our customers.
Work in close co-operation with clients, customers, suppliers and sub-contractors (where applicable) to provide the right quality of work and service, the first time, every time.
Actively seek our customers feedback at every opportunity and to use this as a format for continuous assessment and improvement.
Develop the potential of our employees to ensure all members of staff are capable of undertaking work required in a safe and responsible manner,in accordance with our Health & Safety and Environmental policies.

Equal Opportunities Policy

UK Driver CPC Network Limited recognises the dignity & value of each individual client and will  treat them with respect & fairness at all times.

We also acknowledge the adverse affect any form of discrimination will have on client's ability to learn and their loss of self worth.

UK Driver CPC Network Limited and our entire staff shall at all times do everything in their power to ensure that there is no discrimination on the grounds of age, colour, disability, ethnic ornational origin, gender, marital status, race, religion, political opinion, or sexual orientation at any time during any of our training course.

Our training staff are instructed not to tolerate this type of behaviour from any client or individual and to deal with all incidences on an individual basis as seen to be fitting by the trainer.

Serious incidences may result in the exclusion of an individual from the remainder of the training session, or the session being terminated,  where this is the case no refund shall be applicable.

Health & Safety Policy

It is UK Driver CPC Network Limited policy to plan for and safeguard, the health, safety, and welfare of everyone who works at, or visits our premises and other places where our training courses are delivered, this includes any materials, vehicles or premises used during the course of our training, whether owned, leased, hired or borrowed.

We will do all we reasonably can to:
Ensure that all course delivery sites are fully compliant with all current Health & Safety legislation; where necessary, this will normally be achieved by first visiting and assessing each site (or vehicle) prior to course delivery;
Make everyone aware of potential hazards, safe working practices and the arrangements for emergencies such as fire and first aid.
Protect everyone from risks at work through effective risk assessment and the implementation of appropriate preventive or protective measures.
Ensure that all our staff and visitors where appropriate, have, and use all personal protective equipment required by regulation, code of practice or operational considerations;
Ensure that our equipment, facilities, materials, transport, driving & working practices are safe and without undue risk to health.
Help all our employees and customers to meet their legal duty of care, by involving them and encouraging their co-operation in the management of their own health & safety through appropriate information and training.

Instructors Development Policy

All UK Driver CPC Network Limited employed staff are continually reviewed and staff development is promoted at every opportunity in order to deliver better service to our customers.
By listening to our customers, training and developing all our staff and being as flexible as possible we can provide excellent levels of quality & service resulting in unrivalled value for money.

Data Protection Policy (PRIVACY POLICY)

We do not store credit card details nor do we share customer details with any 3rd parties.

UK Driver CPC Network Limited and all of its employees shall at all times ensure that all personal data provided by its clients and customers shall:
Be processed fairly and lawfully.
Be obtained for a specified and lawful purpose and shall not be processed in any manner incompatible with the purpose.
Be adequate, relevant and not excessive for the purpose.
Be accurate and up to date.
Not be kept for longer than necessary for the purpose.
Be processed in accordance with the data subject's rights.
Be kept safe from un-authorised processing, and accidental loss, damage or destruction.
To be passed to RTITB, DSA and other third parties in order to provide you with the service of Driver Periodic Training and to produce the associated documentation.

Please note that all trainees shall be required to provide visibility of their paper counterpart driving licence and some form of photographic identification (e.g. the plastic card part of the licence or passport etc.) before commencing any training course. The trainer will be required to validate this identification (e.g. ensure the photographic  identification is a likeness of the candidate and that the photographic identification matches with the driving licence) and take photocopies of all licences and photographicidentification for administration purposes, these copies will be kept securely at the UK Driver CPC Network Limited office for a period of time until they are legally no longer required or no longer serve any useful purpose. Any data to be disposed of shall be dealt with in a secure way (e.g. shredding  before disposal).

All individuals have the right to access any personal information that is being kept about them by UK Driver CPC Network Limited, to exercise this right you must make your request in writing to our Office enclosing an administration fee of £25 for each individuals data. We shall endeavour to honour your request as soon as possible and in any case within 30 days unless there is good reason for delay, in this case you will be notified in writing.

Complaints Procedure

UK Driver CPC Network Limited set very high standards and aim to ensure that all of our customers are completely satisfied. All feedback from our customers is gladly accepted allowing us to continue to improve our service offering. If you feel that we have failed to meet our high standards and wish to make a complaint you should follow our complaints procedure.

You should address your complaint in the first instance in writing including your name, address, contact details, details of the complaint and any supporting documentation to:-

UK Driver CPC Network Limited
St Peters Gate
Charles Street

We will then acknowledge receipt of your complaint within 5 working days and aim to resolve your complaint within 4 to 8 weeks. Once we have completed our investigation into your complaint we will send you a written ‘final response’ letter.

Refund Policy

You may cancel a booking for a course during a cooling off period of 5 days on all courses and will receive a full refund. The only exception to this will be if this is a late or short notice booking for a course that will occur in less than ten days from the date of purchase.

Once this cooling off period has lapsed the following refund policy applies. Substitution of an alternative named delegate on a course is not acceptable at any time. However requests to change a date of a booking are considered as and treated as a cancellation. Our refund policy is as follows, 75% refund for cancellations given in writing more than thirty calendar days from the date of a training course. For client cancellation of the booking with less than thirty days but more than ten calendar days prior to the training course we will refund 50%. For cancellations of less than ten calendar days no refund is payable.

There is no refund available after attendance. For example it is the drivers responsibility to ensure he or she arrives with an in date licence with the correct categories for that course. We are unable to offer any refund in circumstances whereby a course has begun and a driver either attends without a licence, with an out of date licence or incorrect categories.
We reserve the right to cancel a course if numbers registering are low. Once we have made this decision we will contact you and make a full and immediate refund.

UK Driver CPC Network is committed to customer and trainee satisfaction therefore if we are found to have delivered a sub standard service we will take steps to reimburse any and all customers / individuals affected. The Training Manager will be responsible for ensuring a suitable investigation is undertaken and a refund provided where required.

All refunds are made from cleared funds only.

Instructor Selection Policy

All instructors recruited to deliver our courses will be fully suitable qualified and have relevant experience in the delivery of adult road safety education and related topics. These qualifications will include one or more of the following:

Registered RTITB instructor
Evidence of attending the Master Driver CPC Periodic Training Delivery Day
2 years LGV / PCV driving experience
1 years experience of delivering classroom training.
And also hold some form of teaching qualification (P.T.T.L.S.) or similar