Course Content (LGV Modules)

Here are the modules we use for our L.G.V. Course for Driver CPC

This is course primarily for drivers with L.G.V. categories on their license.

Drivers who only drive buses for a living please note that this is primarily a L.G.V. course (rather than PCV). However it will count towards your 35 hours of periodic training and some of the modules are very similar to those on the equivalent P.C.V. course.

For any bus drivers who have not completed their 35 hours, you can still come on our courses to obtain your DQC, however you must have a category 'C1' on your drivers license.


Reducing Drivers’ Hours Rules Infringements & Improving the Safety of Food and Drink Deliveries

This course explores:-

Drivers Hours, Driving Limits Breaks and Rest, Working Time Directive, Record Keeping & Food Safety Regulations and Hygiene, Chilled and Frozen Food, Food and Drink Deliveries, Manual Handling in Food and Drink


Reducing Incidents Involving Fluids and Live Loads & Dealing with Common Emergency Situations

This course explores:-

Load Safety Regulations, Principles of Safe Loading, Planning to Load and Unload, Effects of Fluids and Liquids on Vehicle Stability & Breakdowns, Bridge Strikes, Fire


Overcoming the Challenges of Varying Road Conditions & Looking Into the Future of Logistics

This course explores:-

Driving in Challenging Weather Conditions, Winter Driving, Reacting to Road Conditions Green, Why the Need for Change, Assistive Technologies, Alternatively Fuelled Vehicles, Autonomous Vehicles


Reducing Digital Tachograph Infringements & Understanding Mental Health in the Workplace

This course explores:-

Digital Tachograph Unit, Using the Digital Tachograph, Digital Tachograph-Malfunction and Events, Digital Tachograph-Enforcement & An Introduction to Mental Health & Depression, Bullying in the Workplace, Stress and the Workplace


Employers’ Duties Towards Compliance A & Improving Drivers’ Daily Duties Towards Road Freight Compliance

This course explores:-

Transport Manager, O Licensing, Vehicle Selection, Insurance & Driver Licensing, Weights and Dimensions, Inspections and Prohibitions, OCRS

We run the same modules on a Saturday as we do on the weekday course (Monday Module 1 is same as week 1 of  a 5 week consecutive Saturday course)

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